«Twilight has been criticized as a norm for a few decades now. But in Misha Pedan’s book stereo_typ you actually understand the joke of having a “you” by his side. Pedan’s monochrome and pastel-colored photographs were shown a few years ago in an exhibition on Gallery Icon, and appear here in duets, two and two on each lookup. Hand in hand like love couples. Each slide duo is taken in one place, from Grythyttan to Minsk, and is cut by black lines. Only the preface, written by author Mara Lee violates the dualism: it is translated into three languages, except Swedish even English and Russian. Sometimes the photos take minutes after each other – like the pictures from Gothenburg, where the sunlight slowly moves over a green sofa. In other cases there is an eternity between a train car in Vitrysk Vitebsk, full of winter fur and caps, and the image next to, perhaps taken through a window, of a flock overlaid the Soviet gubb monument. It’s a form that violates the idea that photography alone will capture the magic moment, the Kodak moment. Here things happen in joints, distances and relationships. Time is not still It has only been found to exist. I’m excited to keep that one picture first, then get an aha experience when it’s changing, grows, with its other side»

Автор: Наталія Казмєрська

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