«A book like a masterfully performed classical piece. As a matter of fact, the refined rationality of following the rules of the photobook is what makes this edition on Venetian paper and in wonderful print that elegant. An émigré from the Soviet Union, Pedan finally published his first album 20 years after he’d become a well-known photography teacher in Sweden. Just as he shaped his emigration, his whole bookis a conscious return back, and a look forward, consisting of duplications and relished moments and the world’s irregularities. It has travel photographs mixed with types of compositional constructions, light, geometry, visual motifs — no longer signed — which present precise images of Western and Eastern Europe. And among these accurate rows are hidden blends — ‘East-like’ images of Germany and Sweden, ‘Westlikes’ from Russia. Only the virtuous performer can afford to violate narrative logic this much, since he has all the clues in his hands»

Автор: Ірина Чмирьова

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