WRO 03 GLOBALICA. 10th International Media Art Biennale

Місце проведення: Польща, Вроцлав, Музей архітектури

Групова виставка

2003.04.30 - 2003.05.04


WRO 03 Globalica 2003, April 30th – May 4th  The main theme of this WRO edition were individual artistic strategies in consideration of the advancing globalization. The internet communication area was used to give performances in  (Ping Melody by Paweł Janicki), a set of sophisticated interactive techniques was used in multimedia acoustic music concerts (4 hands). The urban space had been used for performances as well.  Artistic projects using wireless networks had been presented for the first time. Wi-Fi had been introduced to the audience.  WRO 2003 original website


Представлені художники